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We are a team of professional and skilled experts in the floral industry. We offer a wide range of pots with a unique hexagonal shape and different sizes and at the same time we are always glad to build up the a strong relationship with your business:

  • Professional workers and experienced team
  • Competitive price and high quality
  • Direct communication
  • Direct exporting
  • Environmental friendly products


Fast Service

Our team can provide very fast services in terms of delivering products, weather you need hundred pots or 10 million, we have the ability to deliver those pots in few weeks .


Environmental friendly

At Hexapot we care about the environment we live in, that is why we use recycled material to shape our pots, and our pots can also be recycled after being used . 

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for our customers as we offer Hexapot at the same price in the market.


At Hexapot, our mission is to provide newly designed pots to achieve maximum satisfaction by reducing transportation cost of the plants. We establish ourselves as pioneers in pots production with a new and innovative approach. The following guiding principles will help us measure the appropirateness of our decisions:

  • Provide a great work environment
  • Apply the highes standards of excellence to the plastic production, preparation, and service to our customers
  • Build lasting relationships with customers
  • Contribute positivelu to communities and our environment


Knowing that the main producers are located outside the EU, this increases the delivery time and costs. Our shipping process allows us to fit more pots in a trey and reduce the costs and delivery time.

Our main  key change is our incredible new design of the pot by turning it into six angles pot, so that it will save more space in the greenhouse.

Besides the fact that the customer saves money by reducing the space between pots while growing, and also saving lots of money during the shipping process, or even ship more , our pots have the same prices as the round ones in the market. 

Yes, the square shaped pot also minimizes the lost space. however the square pot does not fit in round vase which is huge disadvantage for the growers .


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