As pot prices fall, greenhouses are looking for new ways to cut costs and increae efficiency, creating new opportunities for production manufacturers. Therefore, at Hexapot we are concerned about the cost efectiveness of the entire operations in the industry. Our main key change is our incredible new design of the pot, that saves more space for additional pots in the same trey.

Whether your machines are fully or semi-automatic we provide tailored specifications about how to adjust your modules to our pots. We not only design the pots, but help you during the automation process by offering the necessary instructions according to your manufacturing needs and customized to your requirements.

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  • Potting and transport system
  • Fast and efficient spacing of pots
  • Efficient transport of pots
  • Efficient transport of trays
  • Customized Solutions
  • Integrated, automation and mechanization
  • High production capacity
  • High flexibility