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The floral industry is one of the bigest industries in many developing and underdeveloped countries. However, Netherlands remains the center of production for the European floral market, as well as a major international supplier to other continents. At Hexapot, we are concerned about the cost effectiveness of the entire operations in the industry. Our main key change is our incredible new design which allows the pots, during the phases of the agriculture, to be arranged next to each other with minimum loss of space. In a country where the agricultural industry is in its best, why not making it better? Hexapot is dedicated to provide the best solution in the floral and agricultural industries in the Netherlands and nearest regions.

benefits of our products

Hexagonal shape

The hexagonal shape is considered the nature’s perfect shape. Bees used to adapt to it long time ago when they started to make their honeycombs. Hexagon is the only single shape that provides the strongest structure, and the only shape that uses space to its maximum.

Hexagonal Pot

Hexapots are designed to be arranged next to each other with minimum loss of space. This allows a higher number of pots within a certain area, which will lead to increase in productivity, while using the same area, electric & thermal energy, and transportation cost.

Hexagonal Trey

The trays of the hexagonal pot can also fit next to each other like a puzzle which save space for one more tray in each layer of the deenskar which increase the number of the pots in the deenskar.


The main function of Hexapot idea is to maximize the usage of the space available in the shipping container, and fit more pots in the same usual area. Its main benefit is reducing the transportation/shipping cost per pot. (the reduced cost can vary depending on the size of the pot that is being used.)


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